Device Server
IDS-5042-I+ Industrial 4-port Isolate RS422/485 to 2-port 10/100TX Device Serve
IDS-5042 Industrial 4-port RS232/422/485 to 2-port 10/100TX Device Server
IDS-5012 Industrial 1-port RS232/422/485 to 2-port 10/100TX Device Server
IDS-5042-I+ Industrial 4-port Isolate RS422/485 to 2-port 10/100TX Device Serve
Dual redundant Ethernet port support redundant mode (Recovery time < 10ms)
Ethernet switch mode enable Daisy Chain
Redundant 5 multiple host devices supported to protect your industrial network
Versatile modes & event alarm by e-mail
HTTPs & SSH protocol supported for secured management
NAT router pass through
IP table to prevent access from unauthorized IP address
Confi gurable by Web-based and Windows utility (DS-Tool)
2KV isolation for RS422/485 serial port
1KV isolation for PoE PD port
Dual redundant DC power inputs of terminal block
Rigid IP-30 housing design
DIN-Rail and panel mounting enabled

IDS-5042-I+ is an innovative 4 port isolated RS422/485 to 2 ports LAN redundant device server. To assure the agility and security of critical data, IDS-5042-I+ offers many powerful features for HW & SW redundant functions. When the connection between master-link and LAN fails, IDS-5042-I+ can automatically switch to another LAN port within 10mS, and still guarantees a non-stop connection.


IDS-5042-I+ also supports switch mode, users can use Daisy Chain to reduce the usage of Ethernet switch ports. Secondly, IDS-5042-I+ can simultaneously transfer data into 5 host PCs. This feature can assure all critical data that saved in different host PC to avoid Ethernet break or host PCs failure. Thirdly, IDS-5042-I+ provides dual redundant power inputs on DC power jack and terminal block. IDS-5042-I+ also provides NAT pass through function so that users are able to manage IDS-5042-I+ inside or outside the NAT router. It is easy for different IP domain users to use IDS-5042-I+.


In addition, IDS-5042-I+ also support PoE. PD on ETH2. This feature is fully compliant with IEEE802.3af standard. Therefore, IDS-5042-I+ is one of the best communication redundant solutions for application of serial devices.


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IDS-5042-I+   Industrial 4-port isolate RS422/485 to 2-port 10/100TX Device Server w/ 1-port PoE PD

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